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Thought and Opportunity

My Favorite quote from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” I believe that our thoughts are sometimes so guarded that most of us fail to see value in good opportunities when they come our way. I know for me intellect kicks in and instead of seeing the vision that drives the opportunity I always dig back on past experiences to make a decision. Sometimes I am right but most times I am wrong because for lack of a better word I ‘overthought’ Overthinking could mean that we have allowed not only distasteful past experiences to guide our decisions it could also indicate that we listened to the voices of naysayers as well.

In this age of enlightenment, many people understand that the “right now” facts about their lives is not the truth about them. These are the people that say they are strong even though it does not appear that way in the eyes of others. These people prepare themselves mentally to recognize the good that is coming their way even when their circumstances seem dim. The difference of making an informed decision about an opportunity verses a decision based totally on past experiences and what other people have said or done is fear. I believe to overcome this fear one must mindfully scan his or her feelings about an opportunity whether it is business or relationship.

Seasoned entrepreneurs have probably seen it all and understand the concept of what I call invisible preparation when the right opportunity comes along everything will be in place to open the dam and release the waters of passive income. For example, I have partnered with two ground floor opportunities that I believe is a good fit for me. The first is a monetized video platform that will be great for anyone who conducts online training, product demonstrations etc. I believe eyeSlick will be great for promoting my new book as well as the Travel Club that I recently partnered with. I also intend to use the platform for my outreach ministry.

These income streams came along in the right space and time and I was ready to mindfully receive them; now they are working for my good. Invisible preparation will allow you to see the whole picture before dismissing a consistent money-making opportunity or excitingly jumping into an opportunity that may not fit.

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