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Helping Your Affiliates

If you want to run a successful affiliate program you must be prepared to put time and effort into running your program. What good is it if affiliates sign up and then never hear from you? Or if your banners are outdated or you don’t keep your website updated with the correct prices? All this will manage to do is to deter your affiliates from promoting your program.

To get your affiliates to work hard at promoting your site, you need to help them. This means being available to answer questions, post available hours if necessary. Set up a dedicated page on your website where you can answer the most frequently asked questions.

Give your affiliates incentives too. It never hurts to run an affiliate contest and offer some prizes. Have an affiliate of the month award and stay in touch with your affiliates. You can do this by emailing them or sending out a quick newsletter once a month. Include updates on your site and products and give them notice if you are going to be running a sale or launching a new product. Remember many affiliates will be promoting more than one program. So, they need advance time to set up their promotions. Usually two weeks is a good time frame.

It also helps to offer affiliates individual specials. This can be in the form of giving them a specific coupon just for their customers. This might be a time limited coupon or open-ended coupon. A time limited coupon is one that is good for a set number of days before it expires. This can be a great way to generate sales quickly. A one--‐time coupon may or may not have a date associated with it. This type of coupon is great for first time customers, it can be used by your affiliate as an incentive to try out your products for a generous discount. An open-ended coupon has no end date and is usually good for a one-time purchase at any time

Another way of helping your affiliates is by getting them to participate in a survey. This will help you determine if you need to add more affiliate tools to your site, or if you need a helpdesk or more. A survey can help you discover holes in your current program that you can easily fix. By helping your affiliates, you are eventually helping your own business. Check out an example of a simple affiliate page for a product I have on DIGISTORE24

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