Making Connections 

Discovering and making connections between the Mind, Body and Spirit and how they are important to every area in our experience is vital for survival.

Align ur Mind is about helping people see the connections between ancient text like the bible, the universal laws of vibration, attraction, gratitude etc. and how you can access and successfully align with each of these using the power of mind.

Thoughts are vibrations and what you think about you become. I teach teach people how to purposely make the connections between the one source of all power (God, Universe, Quantum field, Vortex, etc.) and the aspects of day today living.

  • Work

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Emotions 

All of these are governed by your thoughts. However, Many react to outside circumstances and believe what comes from outside effects the inside. This twisted view of life is part of the "World Mind" and unfortunately controls the minds of many.

I use my...

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